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joan Axe Mc Mickle (joan@travois.com)
Date:25/05/2012 22:39:26
Subject:Thank you for the memories
 It was a nice suppise to see a picture of my father Rupert Axe in the newspaper (Tommys Town) I was born in Belton, we lived at Central Garage and later moved to Doncaster. My Grandfather owned the shop at grey green corner and the garage. I have lived in the USA since 1964 but when I come for a visit my sisters and brother and I drive through. We used to play at the ruins at Temple Belwood and pick snowdrops by the enterance. It just brought back fond memories. Joan P Axe Mc Mickle

Rachel Oates (roates123@hotmail.com)
Date:10/05/2012 22:51:56
Subject:regarding my grandparents and great grandparents
 My grandparents are Arthur and Anne Oates, and was very close to my great grandmother and was woundering who I could contact to obtain copies of these photos. Thanks

Derek Axe (derekaxe@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:25/02/2012 23:04:13
Subject:The Axe Family of Mexborough, South Yorkshire
  The Axe family of Mexborough have lived in this parish since the late 16th Century. They arrived from where we are not sure - perhaps from the village of Clayton also in South Yorkshire and before then... well... why not Haxey?... the Scandanavian link with the surname Axe may reflect the Bloodaxe of York fame and then there are the West Country Axe's of Devon and Dorset... My question is:- is there a Axe family tree within Haxey parish that predates those of Mexborough fame? My late father Douglas spent several years researching the family tree and it begins in the very first surviving Parish Register of Mexborough... 'John Axe married Margaret Hutchinson on June 9th 1639' at Mexborough Parish Church... Derek Axe now of Coleshill in Warwickshire but born in Mexborough and direct male descedent of tha said John Axe.

Alan Chafer (alchafer@hotmail.com)
Date:15/04/2011 18:41:37
Subject:Chafers of epworth
 Hi just came across you article purley by accident, My Grandad was alfred chafer also from the epworth area,One of the pictures reminds me of the days we used to visit Auntie Annie down on the turburry,along with Tom,Malcome and Jennifer,I recently met a fellow worker of mine whos name is Mark Chafer, turns out we both have the same Great grandfather,Love the pics i have some old ones somewhere of my grandad,with the traction engine,and when he was driving them for Pickfords Driven by steam in them days, If any of this sounds remotely familier feel free to get in touch would love to exchange or co,pare family trees who knows lol you could also add me on facebook i can be found under The Name Alan Chuffleberry Chuff Chafer lol Once again great pics, Best wishes Al

Lois Albans-Heseltine (lois2you@hotmail.com)
Date:12/07/2010 20:20:54
Subject:Great web site
 This is a great web site. If only it had been around 7 years ago when I was working on my dissertation for my degree. It was great to see the brochure for Temple Belwood. My family have had one for years and it's good to know that other people are able to see when I have seen so many times . I believe my copy came from a great aunt or a great great aunt who used to work at Temple Belwood.

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