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Margaret Lesley Marshall ( nee Hirst ) (billiard2mm@yahoo.com.au)
Date:09/11/2009 14:29:48
Subject:The Lodges
 My father Leslie Hirst was born in the Lodge to the left of the entrance in 1922 and I used to go visit my Great aunt and uncle in the garden house when they lived at Temple Belwood.

ray gouldthorpe (@rayaxhl@aol.com)
Date:10/06/2009 17:02:56
Subject:last train trip ischool trip north axholme
 great reading the letter but does any on ehave a copy of the photo that was published a while back with the children of north axholme ,stood in front of the last passenger train to use it in 1965, as i was on that trian and would love to see the picture again please thanks to all

Heather Wilkinson (heather.wilkinson3@tesco.net )
Date:22/02/2009 12:43:17
Subject:Chafer / Wood / Coggan families
 Mum (83) was reminiscing about the family this morning. i have just typed into Google the name of my great great uncle Charles Henry Wood's wife Sarah Amelia and was delighted to find her maiden name and details about her family, the Chafers of Epworth. Charles and Sarah Amelia (Millie) lived in Rotherham and had a market garden. Millie was a superb dressmaker and when Charlie died made him a white suit for the funeral. Coincidentally my husband is a descendant of the Coggan family (Robert Coggan 1825 Althorpe, Burringham) who moved to Sheffield with his wife Susannah, nee Smith.

Tracey Baddeley (tracey.baddeley@virgin.net)
Date:05/11/2008 22:20:55
Subject:Shipley Family
 Does anyone remeber North Field Road Bootsford Amcotts with a family called Shipley

tracy hindley (thindley01@aol.com)
Date:28/08/2008 12:59:38
Subject:bracon, belton
 i found this site very interesting, we are moving into belton in the next couple of months and it gave a fascinating insight into the history of the area

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